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  • August 22

    BitAtom offers hourly, lifelong earnings

    BitAtom has officially launched today with the introduction of three attractive investment plans to cater needs of majority of customers. The beginner plan has a minimum investment requirement of .001btc and offers 0.4% return on hourly basis, while the other plans require 10.1btc and 25btc and pay 0.47% and 0.5% respectively.

    According to the CEO of the website: “We have been offering offline investment plans for almost a decade now however a lot of our customers wanted to have it online so that they can benefit from the boom in Bitcoin value.”

    The website also caters to the affiliate marketers and offers handsome compensation with 5% commissions for level 1 and 2% and 1% for level two and three respectively.

    The use of hourly earnings can make this website unique and help investors quickly make money in a matter of hours.
    Bitcoin has exploded in price over time and more and more individuals are seen putting their money into the gold coin. It is seen as an ideal investment for small and big investors alike. Investors are looking for opportunities to multiply their money and BitAtom mix of products makes it a meaningful offer.

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